Resources for 20-25 year olds

We’ve put together a list of resources and services for south east London residents aged 20-25.

Online resources

Good Thinking

Did you know? We’ve developed a range of tools to help Londoners’ take care of their mental health.

Anxious? Sleep problems? Stressed? Low mood?

Take a look at Good Thinking – the digital mental wellbeing platform for Londoners.

Kooth: An online mental wellbeing community

Are you:

  • A care leaver?
  • Have any special educational needs?
  • Transitioning to adult services or recently discharged from YOS?
  • Transitioning to adult mental health services?
  • Recently discharged from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you can join Kooth to receive, free, anonymous and safe mental wellbeing support. It doesn’t matter how big or small your concern is, the Kooth community is available to support you through it all.

Kooth is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and can be accessed  from noon until 10pm (weekdays) and from 6pm until 10pm (Saturday and Sundays). Answer a few simple questions to sign up, then log into to read articles, engage with people your age, or simply speak to a counsellor online. 

One You – Every Mind Matters

One You is here to help you make small changes that fit your life, so you feel better and healthier, every day.

Self-referral services

  • Sometimes, if you’re experiencing mental ill-health, you’ll need help. And it’s better to seek help as early as possible. You can use these self-referral services to speak to a professional:
  • Bexley Crisis Café: If you live in Bexley or Greenwich, you can visit Bexley Crisis Café, a safe and friendly place that provides access to mental health support and advice from health professionals.
  • Bexley Care provides a Single Point of Contact for help and advice in relation to accessing mental health support services available on 020 3045 5159 or
  • Broken Rainbow Is a UK LGBT domestic abuse helpline. It provides advice, support and referral services to LGBT people experiencing homophobic, transphobic and same sex domestic violence. Call: 0845 260 55 60
  • Centre 70 They support adults who are facing social, mental, financial or other personal difficulties through a holistic programme of free and affordable services including Advice, Counselling, Training and Advocacy. In Lambeth and across London Call: 0208 670 0070
  • Engage in ME provides mental health and wellbeing support groups to adults from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) communities in Lewisham to learn how to manage their own mental health and wellbeing, find out about and access other relevant, local online support services discuss their cultural needs and how services can support them better.  
  • Live Well Greenwich: Local information, events and support to improve your health and wellbeing. Call 0800 470 4831
  • Headspace Greenwich and Headspace Bexley. HeadScape has been designed for young people by other young people to check how they feel and even take a test to find out if they need help with their emotions. Depending on the results, the site can offer young people living in Bexley and Greenwich the option to self-refer directly into their local Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services
  • Outreach and Support OASIS: If you live in the boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark or Lewisham and are struggling with unusual experiences, such as hearing voices or feeling paranoid, Outreach and Support OASIS can help.
  • The Nest: Mental wellbeing advice and support for young people aged 13-25 in Southwark

Talking therapies

Talking therapy is a specific service for people aged 18 and over experiencing depression, anxiety and worry, panic attacks, social anxiety, traumatic memories. Find your borough below to access further information:

Wellbeing Hubs

You can also access Wellbeing Hubs local to you for more information and support:

  • Bromley Well provides free health and wellbeing support Bromley residents. If you are feeling anxious, stressed or low, or have any long-term health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, asthma, get in touch with them today.
  • Southwark Wellbeing Hub: Live in Southwark? Then access this service that help with information and support if you are worried about your wellbeing, or that of someone close to you.
  • Lewisham Community Wellbeing: This service supports adults in the London borough of Lewisham to recover from mental ill-health and stay well.
  • Mindful Mums: If you’re pregnant or a new mum and live in Bromley, Lewisham or Greenwich, Mindful Mums can support you to look after yourself connect with other women and learn tips and techniques to manage changes.

Talk to your GP

Need more help? Speak to your GP or a healthcare professional

If you’re suffering from mental ill-health and you feel the services listed above aren’t enough, make an appointment with your GP or speak to a healthcare professional. They will be able to refer you to services that can provide additional support, such as:

Bexley Locality Mental Health Service – Live in Bexley? You can call 020 36689 490 for information on Adult Mental Health services.

Greenwich Locality Mental Health Service – Live in Greenwich? You can call Ferryview Health Centre (Woolwich) on 020 8319 5500 or The Heights (Charlton) on 020 8269 4110 for advice on mental health services that are available to you locally.

Evening Sanctuary: Talk to staff and peers about how you are feeling and take part in activities, make a snack or be signposted to other services. Only for residents in Lambeth.

Additional mental health services for residents of south east London:

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