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Identify someone you can talk to

Do you know who you would speak to about your mental health? It could be a family member, friend, or professional (like a teacher or a carer). Whoever it is, we recommend you identify someone you can talk to should you need to discuss any mental health challenges you may be facing.

We’re more likely to speak to people if we know who we will call on during difficult times so take two minutes and identify someone you trust now.,


Know how to start a conversation

Worried about how to kickstart a conversation about mental health?


Use digital resources

We can all feel anxious, stressed, or low at times in our lives. To assist you, we’ve developed a number of resources and guidelines that can help you through these difficult times, from advice on how to recognise when you’re experiencing mental illness to ideas for boosting your resilience and learning new coping mechanisms.

How old are you?

Have you heard about Talking Therapies?

Find out how these free south east London services, now delivered online, can help coach you to better mental wellbeing.

What worries you?

Bereavement? Sleep? Bullying? Money? Cost of Living?