What is
mental health?
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We’re asking people to get involved in the #BeWell challenge!

Take part in activities that support you, your family and friends, and your community with positive mental wellbeing.

The Work Well Advice Line provides advice about employment to anyone who needs it. If you require assistance you can call them on 020 3228 2041

Do you need help for a mental health crisis, emergency or breakdown?

We all feel sad or stressed at times, and it is normal to experience different emotions. But if negative feelings are having a significant impact on your quality of life, for example they are affecting your relationships or ability to learn or work, it is important not to suffer in silence.

We are here to help.

Get help for yourself

Get your mind and body healthy

Get support for loved ones

Find out how the South London Listens projects are helping Londoners to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and preventing a mental ill-health crisis. Click here to learn more.

Have you heard about Talking Therapies?

Find out how these free south east London services, now delivered online, can help coach you to better mental wellbeing.

What worries you?

Bereavement? Sleep? Bullying? Money? Cost of Living?

We are here to…
listen to you, talk to you, help you.

We are here for you

We know that things are really tough right now for some people who live with mental ill-health. Stress, anxiety and uncertainty all add to the pressure.

It’s important to remember that you’re not on your own. The NHS is here to support you, and there are plenty more other organisations and charities that can help.

The wellbeing tips on our website are designed to help support those of you who are currently struggling with your mental health. If you need help urgently, please make an appointment with your GP now.

Your primary care team is also here to help you. As the first point of contact in the healthcare system, the primary care team is here to ensure that everyone in south east London gets the help and professional support they need and deserve.

Your primary care team includes your GPs, practice nurses, and a host of other professionals in your community, all helping provide better support and care to you. Learn more about your primary care team by visiting www.selprimarycare.co.uk.

So please speak to us now. Don’t forget to ask your GP for help if you need it.